Accommodations- Our air conditioned and heated accommodations consist of an inside bedroom with free access to a covered outdoor patio. Our west wing faces our large grassy play yard with a view of the forest so your dog will be continually entertained by our resident squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and deer–or just a little bird watching. Our older more noise sensitive quests stay in our east wing where it tends to be a little quieter and less active. This play yard is covered with artificial dog turf–which means no muddy paws! The facility is also ventilated with a whole house fan. Music is composed throughout the day to keep your furry friends company.

We provide your choice of luxury pillow beds or you may bring your own from home. Maid service is provided daily–accommodations are swept, pillow beds are fluffed, and dishes are cleaned (linens washed as needed). All suites are kept at the optimum cleanliness.

On the Menu:
Nutritionally balanced premium meals are provided morning and evening. As always, you are welcome to bring your pets own food from home. Water bowls are freshened regularly throughout the day. A yummy snack is provided before bedtime and additional snacks are available upon request.

At the Salon:
We provide beauty baths and nail trimming.